Mrs Gel & Friends

Mrs Gel & Friends have a mission.  To educate children and the public and new NHS staff about the little things they can do to help reduce the risk of the spread of germs and infection in a healthcare environment.  

Mrs Gel & Friends grew from a real-life requirement.  Violet, Company Founder Alastair Rzeznicki's late Grandmother Violet, contracted MRSA after a prolonged stay in hospital in 2001. The infection left her weakened and she ended up in a home for the elderly, later passing away. The lack of Alastair's understanding about what he could do, whilst visiting her in hospital, to reduce the likelihood of spreading germs, led him to create the Mrs Gel & Friends brand and educational package whilst at University.  

Now part of Sunflower, the Mrs Gel & Friends brand provides a list of products and services ranging from a Primary School Educational Workshop to help children learn from a young age what it is they can do throughout their life to ensure good hygiene practice within a healthcare environment.  It also provides entertaining but key-message led training material in the form of posters to NHS Trusts so that staff members can easily take in information that can be used day to day on wards.  Along with a host of other entertaining content which makes you smile, whilst also teaching you what you need to know.

Described as a 'Simpsons Brand for the NHS,' and featured in the Guardian newspaper at the time of it's creation, (The Guardian), the Mrs Gel & Friends brand of characters has helped many people learn how to reduce the risk of spreading infection and germs, whilst making them educational ambassadors for others who wish to learn about how they can help loved ones and others in a vulnerable healthcare situation.

For a welcome pack and more information please email Sunflower and Mrs Gel & Friends at: or call T: 07407713015