About Sunflower

Sunflower Film & Creative Agency Limited was founded by former ITN media professional Alastair Rzeznicki in 2010 in response to market demands for online high-quality storytelling television and advertising. At a time when marketing spends had been cut due to recessional forces, Sunflower worked closely with large companies to develop a product which could solve multiple communication needs for multiple audiences. The result was the successful subscription based Sunflower Newsroom product which provides companies with a monthly visual connection between their world/s and the various people, groups, partners, prospects, clients and customers which you need to keep updated and informed on a regular basis. Carefully selected intelligent storytellers who understand the business dip in and out to tell short authentic stories on your behalf which over time develop your brand and business's key objectives.

Sunflower Newsroom, Building Authentic Connections  

The benefits to viewers are that they get genuine access in to what it is which makes your world special and an insight in to the internal workings of your company. At the heart of Sunflower Newsroom's style of advertising is authenticity. Each film is 'discovered,' at your world, within your offices or at third party/partner locations. It is your businesses monthly key messages, brand tonalities, and the end customers/clients/prospects and your project partners who are at the heart of each story Sunflower craft. 

Each film is educational as well as entertaining and the aim is to provide genuine business and viewing value using traditional storytelling methods, delivered by relaxed, time-conscious crews, with 15+ years true professional programming experience. 

For more information about Sunflower Newsroom please click here. Alternatively please contact us via our Enquiries Page to arrange a presentation by our Customer Relationship Manager. These are usually 40 - 60 minute presentations made at your offices or preferred location.