Sunflower Newsroom

Sunflower Newsroom, Building Authentic Connections, Delivering Authentic Value, is a subscription-based strategic and analytical filmmaking product.  It has been designed for companies working on long-term projects who wish to give insights into their ethos and values, and to educate prospects, the public, stakeholders, and other parties who need to be kept up to date regularly with a project's progression. It is also designed to help drives sales weekly. The product works in these three areas:

1. Sunflower study your business continually through reading annual reports, your websites, by monitoring your social media channels and reading industry-related news. Sunflower and your Team/Marketing Manager, put together ongoing story-based film marketing strategies which benefit those who need information about your company regularly. We look at where short real-world people led films can bring understanding or buying decision value, keeping people informed who wish to be kept informed about your business/projects. Our style is to create and deliver authentic stories and information through a factual news style/artistic short stories, told on a regular basis to a variety of your traditional audiences.  In an advertising world/market place of 'Best Friend Marketing,' Sunflower is different and goes beneath the surface, asking questions that your customers or potential customers would ask, meaning the authentic answers are on the screen ready for them when they come looking for, or are found by your product or service in focused, and brand awareness marketing campaigns.

Please see an example here produced as part of an ongoing seven-year relationship with National Housebuilder Crest Nicholson: 

Click: Sunflower Newsroom

2. Throughout the financial year Sunflower Newsroom visit your site/s and create ongoing artistic news films to ITN and BBC standards, (where our past experience lies). These films are based in reality, giving the viewers an authentic viewing experience but the films are designed based upon your company's key messages which you wish to get across in a clear way through the medium of film. Audiences both internally and externally are kept informed as projects move forwards and frequently new stories arise as a result of people interacting with the stories released.

3. We use audience viewing data to analyse repeatedly the effectiveness of the works so that improvements can be made month on month, so that your stories and people's interactions are constantly moving forward. Together we will be consistently Building Authentic Connections and brand loyalty amongst your partner groups, customers, clients, and prospects. Please click here for a current example customer.